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Fall in love with your pool all over again.

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to swimming pool renovations. When you choose Buddy’s to perform your remodel project you can count on our experienced professionals to provide quality workmanship and keep you informed every step of the way.

View the Steps involved in a Pool Renovation

Buddy’s can help you to determine the level of work to be performed and provide a free estimate for the project. In some cases that might involve replacing the tile and/or coping or just replacing the liner or resurfacing the pool interior.

For concrete pools, the tile coping and plaster can often be performed independently, or if you want to update the overall appearance of your pool, they can all be replaced at the same time to make the pool look completely new again. Additional items might include new plumbing, lighting or the addition of water features such as fountains, waterfalls or deck jets.

This can also be a good time to consider if any structural changes are desired such as new steps, the addition of an attached spa or even a new outdoor kitchen.
With today’s wide assortment of swimming pool tile, coping and interior finishes, you can give your pool its own unique personality.  Frost-proof swimming pool tile is specially designed to withstand the freeze-thaw cycle to provide long lasting visual appeal. 

Once the pool is empty the demolition work begins and the surfaces are prepared for the application of new materials. Any loose material is removed to ensure proper adhesion for years of enjoyment.

The demolition phase is also a good time to check the fixtures in the pool such as the skimmers, light niche, return fittings and main drain covers for damage and compliance with new safety requirements.
The time involved in performing the repairs is determined by the size of the project, the time of the year and Mother Nature. Our staff will coordinate the entire project and manage any sub-contractors that might be required for any specific elements of the remodel.

We ensure that all work is performed by licensed and insured experts in their particular field of work. Our goal is to make sure your project progresses on time and on budget with workmanship and materials that are designed to perform as designed for many years.
The last phase is really all about getting your backyard back into shape for you to enjoy. Depending on the work performed and your requests, we can supply water to fill the pool and add the chemicals necessary to rebalance your pool water.

Our staff will clean up the area and provide any special instructions on how to properly maintain your pool after the renovations are complete.

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