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Want to do something good for your heart this fall? Try relaxing in a hot tub! Research has shown that a soak in a hot tub increases the heart rate while lowering blood pressure instead of raising it as exercise does.

It’s not only your heart that benefits, however. In Hot Water & Healthy Living, Dr. Jonathan B. Smith describes some of the medical and psychological benefits of immersing yourself in warm water:

*Immersion in warm water tends to increase joint mobility, reduce joint stiffness and increase flexibility and range of motion

* The social impact of soaking in a hot tub may contribute to reduced anxiety and a sense of well-being 

* The warm waters of a hot tub help improve circulation, which speeds healing of sore and injured muscles and joints. The increased bloodstream circulation removes pain-causing chemicals from tissue and provides more nutrients to help cells regenerate. 

* A soak in a spa can reduce your body’s stress hormones, which helps relieve tension and improve your mood. That can provide you with a deeper, more restful sleep. 

* Some researchers have suggested that hot tubs may even have a positive effect on working memory and performance of cognitive tasks

There’s a lot more information about the heart and health benefits of hot tubs in Dr. Smith’s book. Stop by our showroom on York Road in Cockeysville and we’ll be glad to provide you with your own free copy of Hot Water and Healthy Living. (Of course, if you have heart problems or any other type of medical condition you’ll want to talk to your own doctor about how a hot tub can fit into your own healthy routine.) 

This information comes from "Hot Water & Healthy Living," by Dr. Jonathan B. Smith, copyright 2008 National Swimming Pool Foundation. Information used by permission of the author and the copyright holder. All rights reserved. 

For more information about the health care benefits of hot tubs, you can also read Hydromassage Health --the Natural Healing Benefits of Hydrotherapy on the Caldera Spas Web site.

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