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The swim season in the Baltimore area is too short for downtime with your pool equipment. That’s why Buddy’s invests in education classes and technical training during the off-season so our service technicians can perform an accurate diagnostic and provide you with expert advice. Buddy’s also carries a large inventory of replacement parts and equipment in stock so our technicians can get your system back up and running quickly.

When you call Buddy’s for a pool repair we will perform a thorough diagnostic on your pool equipment to identify the root cause of the problem. Once the diagnostic is complete our technician will provide you with recommendations for the repair along with a complete estimate. All service repairs will be backed by a full 90-day workmanship warranty on the labor in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty on the parts used during the repair.

Below is a list of the most common service requests and tips with a few steps you might want to perform before calling for service. If these don’t solve your problem, call 410-666-1800 to schedule one of our technicians to visit your pool and troubleshoot your pool equipment.



Check the circuit breaker to see if it has tripped and reset if necessary. Verify that the switch is turned on or the automatic pool control is set for the pump to run. Check the pump motor to see if it is hot to the touch. (Many motors have a thermal overload that will trip when the pump is too hot and will reset when the motor cools back to the normal range.) Be sure the wires to the pump are not exposed and that the pump is not in an area that could flood the motor or other electrical components.

First, check the water level in the pool and pump basket area are at the proper operating level. Be sure the pump lid and gasket are securely in place. If you have multiple valves you may find that the pump will pick up prime if only one suction line is open. Once the flow starts you can slowly open the other valves to their proper settings. If the pump still does not pick up prime there may be an air leak on the pipes on the suction side of the pump, in which case a service call may be required.
Be sure all valves are set properly and that the water is circulating properly in the pool. If the pump is starving for water it can make a louder noise. This is called cavitation. If the water appears to be moving properly, a loud noise can be caused by a rubbing internal fan or failing bearings in the pump motor. The bearings typically fail from a leak in the pump’s shaft seal which allows the treated pool water to run back the shaft into the front of the motor. Best to call Buddy’s for service if this is the case.
First, be sure the heater is turned on and the thermostat is set to a temperature higher than the water temperature. Next, check to see that the gas supply has been turned on and, if applicable, the propane tank is filled. Many heaters also have an internal switch for the gas flow that must be in the “on” position. Swimming pool heaters have safety devices that prevent the heater from operating in an unsafe manner. Once of the most common is the pressure switch, so be sure you have good flow by cleaning the pool skimmer baskets, pump strainer and be sure the filter is clean and/or properly backwashed. If you have an electronic heater, be sure the power is turned on to the heater. Lastly, if your pool has automatic controls be sure the temperature is set and the control’s thermostat is set to call for heat.

While it may seem obvious, check the water level in the pool and be sure the skimmed doors are not stuck in the closed position. Air will typically enter the system on the suction side of the system before the filter pump. Be sure the plugs and lid are tight on the pump. If you have any valves or unions on the suction side of the pump, check to be sure they are secure. People’s biggest fears is that a pipe is cracked underground, but we have found that is not the most common cause of air in the system. Before you get too frustrated, call Buddy’s to schedule a service visit.

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